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Latest Recipients

Mr Hussein Ela’araaj,

Mr. Hussein Ela'araaj, the Minister of Local Administration, The Palestinian Authority, and Mr. Zeev Elkin, Minister of Absorption and Jerusalem Heritage for their major part in developing the main road of Kiriat Luza Samaritan Neighborhood and Mount Gerizim National...
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Joanne King Herring

Whereas, As an important civic leader, honorary consul for Pakistan and Morocco, and freedom fighter since the early 1950s, Joanne King Herring is an acknowledged prime mover in bringing a just end to the Cold War.  And with the close of the Cold War,...
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Larry Rynearson

Mr Larry Rynearson On Thursday December 18, 2014, Johnny and Juanita Berguson had a delightful lunch along the ocean with Mr. Larry Rynearson in Vero Beach, Florida.  It was a very informative time.  The following day, December 19, 2014, the Bergusons, on behalf of...
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Rabbi Shaul Marshall Praver

The Samaritan Medal for Peace, Humanitarian and Academic Achievements Is hereby awarded to Rabbi Shaul Marshall Praver, Rabbi of Newtown Synagogue Newtown, Connecticut, USA Whereas, Rabbi Shaul Marshall Praver promotes and defends the religious and civil liberties of...
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Professor Steven Fine

Professor Steven Fine, Yeshiva University, New York, USA Whereas, The Board of the Samaritan Medal Foundation decided at the Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., in November 2010, to recognize and award Academic Achievements in regard to Samaritan Studies. Whereas,...
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Benjamin Netanhayu Receives Medal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a toast ceremony last night, April 17, for Passover,  by the Likud Party, which he heads. Ceremony was attended by thousands of members of the Party The Ceremony was also attended by Yefet Ben Ratson Tsedaka senior...
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