Fund Drive For New Medals

Every few years, the SMF must produce a new round of medals for presentation  and, once again, we are raising money to mint a new round of medals. We need to mint 100 new medals to replenish our stock. 

What good do our medals do? 

1. They raise awareness for the Israelite-Samaritan People- through the awarding of these medals, we raise awareness of the Israelite-Samaritan People and their situation. A people of millions reduced  at one time to 300, the Samaritans, as they are called, are neither Jews nor Arabs and have good relations with both peoples. 

2. They promote the study of the Samaritan people and their history- we award medals to people who engage in Samaritan relayed scholarship.  This is not just a way to help tell the history of these people, but it awakens people to a history that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are also deeply interested in.  The Samaritan story also shows the good and the bad,  the struggle for peace, and shining examples of overcoming that inspire individuals and point the way to a greater hope for peace in a Holy Land cherished by so many. 

3. They encourage and recognize humanitarianism- we award the medal for humanitarianism, especially within the lands of ancient Israel and the Middle East, but around the world, recognizing that the act of recognizing such good conduct promotes such conduct. 

4. They promote peace- we award  the medal for achievements in promoting peace, mostly in the Middle East, but anywhere.  Sometimes we award the medal for deeds and actions  by individuals who have not always sought or achieved peace, but we do so knowing that the behavior you recognize is likely to be repeated.  This has a real impact at the interpersonal level and raises the hope for peace as a viable alternative to the voices of disunity and conflict. 

If you help us mint our next round of medals, who knows whose hands “your” medal, the one we minted thanks your contribution,  will end up in. Perhaps a world leader or renown scholar will one day possess it. These medals are not given frivolously to anyone,  every one is given for cause.  

Consider contributing $50 to help us mint one medal.  If and when we get 100 sponsors we will be able to order our next round of medals and continue our work,  promoting peace, Samaritan scholarship,  and humanitarianism while raising global awareness about the Israelite-Samaritan People.  You can be part of this exciting adventure, and perhaps even come to see the Samaritan Community and walk on the Holy Mountain from where the Blessings pronounced in Deuteronomy 28 were proclaimed to the people, Mount Gerizim!