Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a toast ceremony last night, April 17, for Passover,  by the Likud Party, which he heads. Ceremony was attended by thousands of members of the Party
The Ceremony was also attended by Yefet Ben Ratson Tsedaka senior bureau member of Likud. Mr. Netanyahu was glad to see him and immediately accepted a joint photo with Yefet and especially with the first Samaritan medal for peace and human achievements, and the book of History of the Israelite Samaritans written by Benyamim Tsedaka awarded to him on April 4, 2016 by a delegation of the seniors of the Israelite Samaritans in his Jerusalem bureau, where photography was not allowed for security reasons. This time, Mr. Netanyahu agreed wholeheartedly for a photo receiving the book and the medal.
Mr. Netanyahu thanked the delegation again for the honor of awarding of the medal and a book of history: “I’m a seeker of the history of our Israelite People, it’s my favorite theme all” – said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Attending the ceremony was Prime Minister’s wife, Mrs. Sara Netanyahu, who expressed enthusiasm for the proposal to introduce her to a group of Samaritan women, as she met frequently with women from all communities and sectors. The meeting will be arranged soon.
The book of History,  that given as a gift by the A.B. – Institute of Samaritan Studies on Mount Gerizim and Holon, at the end of 2015 for all 210 families of Israelite-Samaritan community, continues to be distributed in Israel and Samaria for price value of $150 including shipping, or $ 200 price for abroad including shipping, by A.B. – Institute of Samaritan Studies, Holon, POBox 1029, Holon 5811001. The book can be purchased through the web site:
Benyamim Tsedaka
Pictures: Yefet b. Ratson Tsedaka, a member of the Samaritan Medal Foundation with Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, and the book the medal awarded to Mr Netanyahu.